Andre Attacks Peanut App

  Check out the Recordings and Video below.     Andre Vanier VE3WZW attacks the new Peanut app connected on 30C to D-Star. Andre resorted to his old behavior with foul language insulting other Ham operators. Reflector 30C is now disconnected from D-Star. When will Andre learn ? He can’t continue using his vulgar language […]

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Andre ‘s Web Sites and Blogs have Malware.

https://www.andrevanierprofile.com/ https://www.andre-vanier.com/     This is verified information brought to our attention regarding Andre’s Websites and Blogs. We have received information Andre ‘s Web Sites and Blogs have Malware. Andre’s malware silently infects Windows PCs, Macs and Android devices through his corrupted websites and Blogs. To date, a Cyber Security analyst has shown us Andre […]

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Durham Canada Repeater Frequencies Used by Amateur Radio Operator for Criminal Activity.

https://www.andre-vanier.com/ https://www.andrevanierprofile.com/       Andre is using P25 encryption on 443.000 to conduct illegal activity’s. Andre is selling Motorola, Hytera , and Yaesu radios that have no tags, no serial numbers. We can only assume the radios are stolen. Some of the radios are posted on his blogs. Durham and Toronto Police have been notified. If you […]

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Andre’s illegal Repeater in Bowmanville A Fictional repeater ?

 https://andrevanier-loser.com/     Andre is running an illegal multi mode repeater in Bowmanville. P25, DMR and Fusion. The frequency pair Andre is using is not approved by WNYSORC . We have contacted The North Shore Amateur Radio Club.     We have contacted  The North Shore Amateur Radio Club to inform them their WYNSORC frequencies are being illegally […]

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The Yagi That Stopped Andre

Remember the day’s Andre would argue with everyone on TWR and YYZ. Andre was able to key up over everyone that he Bullied not allowing them to defend themselves with his 6 element beam pointed at the CN tower. Andre would soon realized someone had a stronger signal and he could no longer Bully Hams. […]

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Andre Vanier

    Where do you get your legal information from, The MotherShip ? Domain names are the property of the person who buys them. The definition of ignorance is being unaware, uneducated or unknowledgeable. An example of ignorance is someone who thinks they know Canadian Law ,but are just plain stupid.      

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Welcome to our new website.

Welcome to our new website. We hope you enjoy the new design and encourage you to leave your comments. All comment can be made without logging into any email address, simply put a name ,leave a comment and click ” POST COMMENT ” Our web designers will post new and interesting posts. If you have […]

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Andre is out of control.

  No matter how Andre spins his story , blames other, his Narcissistic Personality Disorder prevents him from doing the right thing.   As long as Andre posts personal attacks on his tabloid, things will never change. Andre is sick and suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder , his grandiosity is the defining characteristic of his narcissism.  […]

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