A group of Ham operators have tracked down the individual who is continuously broadcasting Motorola MDC squawks on VE3TWR.
When he was confronted on Thursday Dec.6th, 2018 on VE3TWR, Andre keyed up with his normal denial and bashing.
This is a pattern Andre plays out every time he is caught.
Concrete evidence has been provided that shows the signal is coming from 3 Swift Drive, Apt 409, North York, ON M4A 2A3, Andre’s home. Listen to the audio file of Andre behaving like a Baby.





16 thoughts on “Andre VE3WZW GOT CAUGHT

  1. Andre:
    A compulsive liar is defined as someone who lies out of habit. Lying is their normal and reflexive way of responding to questions. Compulsive liars bend the truth about everything, large and small. For a compulsive liar, telling the truth is very awkward and uncomfortable while lying feels right.


    1. 30 years and still a HORRIBLE amateur radio operator. (I call bullshit on the 30 years by the way)

      What an ignorant, vulgar and vile individual Andre is.

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  2. I feel some what bad for Steve OHF, he confronted Andre and was verbally heckled by him. Andre seems to attack the new Hams and will often demean or criticize others as a means of building himself up and appearing superior and in control.

    Lets hope Steve doesn’t get sucked into Andre’s web.


  3. Andre befriends all new hams and then harasses them when they find out he is liar, a criminal and a very bad ham.

    He did it to DJZ, SIZ and OHF

    Andre please stop it because you ruined it for the blind hams

    Now that the TFM club is gone you won the battle

    But your mom knows your still a pathetic little loser boy

    Besides Andre your qso is so lacking in any intelligence or revelant matters

    Please stop the harassment and abuse

    We wish you peace during hannukah


  4. I cant wait to see Andre the dog being put to rest by Steve “slapshot” OHF. Steve flew helicopters, fought the war, works his ass off in helping players get to the NHL. Andre steals, lies and cheats.

    Steve thank you for your service


    1. Honestly do you really think that Andre is worth the time and backlash for the above professional? Its an unfair fight that is really not worth his time. Why bother swimming in shit.


  5. Andre is a jealous, bitter ham with serious mental defects. He is a criminal and collects pogie. Look at his 300 blogs and you will understand he has nothing to say of importance or relevance. He is just a new ham who popped up a few years ago. He has a lot to learn about the hobby, but acts like a 30 year ham radio aficionado. Really? Without his government handout he would be homeless.

    Andre has been using food banks for quite some time and free internet at Tim Hortons to update his hate crime blogs. He has a Timmy cup filled with water as he cannot afford to buy coffee to look like he is a customer. Always fun to see him grab food left behind by customers so he can eat.

    I feel bad for the guy as it is christmas and a time for joy not to jump on the TFM repeater and spew extreme racial hatred and spew out swearing rants.

    Andre is a victim GSD lets let him enjoy his hobby in peace as he has done a good job of destroying repeater clubs and he ruined TFM Society.

    The TWR technical director shuts the repeater on and off all day to his personal amusement.

    He turns it on and chats it up then shuts it off. It is like his personal repeater now that the club has fallen apart due to the constant barrage of jamming from The Burlington, Stoney Creek and Bowmanville locations. Locations where Andre has family and strong almost rabid supporters.

    Lets leave Andre alone as he has his sights now set on the PWR repeater. Try different ctcss tones as Martin is changing them all the time. A repeater no one uses as well due to homophobic slander and hate crime stances. Martin destroyed WNYSORC club and misapproprated his role as treasurer.

    That is how Andre got a frequency asdignment and $$$ for the VE3BRA repeater.

    Please support your local food bank this week.

    Andre is to be blamed for Durham Radio shut down as well but that is not true. Andre has never bought anything at ham stores


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