Andre Vanier as the new TFMCS President.


Rumours are flying around. Andre Vanier and his associates are trying to take over as the new president of TFMCS. Since the entire Board has resigned, it leaves several openings.






8 thoughts on “Andre Vanier as the new TFMCS President.

  1. I heard Andre was stationed in the parking lot making a video with his “sidekick” David John Borland at the hamfest today. They picked up on 52 that security knew what they looked like and we’re on high alert. The dilemma became do they sell Baefengs that are not type accepted and stolen Motorola Mdc radios or do they man the empty TFMCS table ?????

    Well York Regional Police showed up with two officers to serve a warrant to a biker ham who missed his parole check in and the two delusionists got spooked and left.

    The GTA ham community needs the TWR repeater so if Andre wants to run the show, please let him so the jamming can stop

    Vanier, Borland, Maduro and fat boy Tulino are welcome to man up and run the show.

    These are the real hams who the word is they bought their license from Franklin

    My fear is these delusionists become my Uber driver or while flipping burgers at McDonalds spit on my burger

    Godspeed Mothership, the TWR is your oyster.

    Hey Andre, can you change the frickin timer to allow someone to talk for 120 seconds ?

    How about a blogspot with the new boards mugshots

    How about it Radio Radio Aficionado?

    Andre, Andre, Andre for President. He may accomplish more the current puppet regime


  2. The club is waiting for Andre to get approval from his parole officer. Andre looks like he has a nice place but his rental unit does show up on the bed bug report. Andre is offering free donuts to new members but careful if Rod Tulino is treasurer.


  3. I was given a dispatch radio made by Motorola. I like it a lot and its able to kerchunk the TFM uhf repeater from my highway resting points. The only problem I have is the president that gave me the radio did not program it correctly. It makes a stupid chirping sound when I press the PTT. This expensive Motorola sounds like a chinese Bofang radio. Can RTT help reprogram this radio if WZW cannot due to his air crash injuries? Please help.


  4. Your Welcome

    The scum from the toilet bowl has been removed.

    HAM Radio abuses 01/04/2018 06:35
    REPLACE THE LEADERSHIP OF #tfmcs Toronto Amateur Radio Club @tfmcs VE3.T.W.R. == T.oronto’s W.ORST R.epeater(s) – ( stay away TFMCS 444.000 ) – #trashtoweractive #hamradio #hamr #canada #tfmcs


  5. Your Welcome

    Who ever is or was responsible for the operational efforts at the TFM Society repeaters needs to be fired or resign.

    The repeater is off most of the time and not working. Some use the talk around , the appliance operators bring in their radios to Radioworld for inspection, or they use DMR now.

    The ARES guys not happy and are hoping to get permission to use the YYZ repeater for the nets

    First available tow, First available tow, CN Tower repeater collision

    Please use the VHF repeater as all jammers use Motorola uHf radios. Ask me how I know?


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