VE3WZW Andre Vanier Teaching DOS and Code.

14 thoughts on “VE3WZW Andre Vanier Teaching DOS and Code.

  1. These Bad hams must have earned favours to bypass the security checks by the Scouts Canaca

    With 2 adults with scouts at any time scares me badly with Andre and Martin drivings scouts on apple drives

    Andre was groomed at a young age by his Uncle but regardless of his past he is a bad bully hamster

    Hence him not being married

    Andre becomes delusional under duress as many know picking on weak hams

    Will advise their probation officers


  2. I understand the Hammer is a cesspool of degenerates and loser hams that cannot afford rent in Toronto

    The clowns sitting up on the mountain with their 50 watts into a yagi pointed towards the Skydome is an effective jammer nest

    We know that the steel towners are big jammers

    But many times its still that news chaser fatso with the Canon lens. The loudmouth was very active jamming DMR holding a Mothership club card

    Bullys Bullys go Ticats

    Keep an eye out for these scumbags at the Hamilton Hamfest in the washroom stalls and keep them away from boy scouts


  3. Posting the photographs that you have, and printing the related contents, is asking for a police investigation!
    Stick to the subject that this blog is supposed to be about, with credible evidence!


  4. Mr Advice, Posting photos of Mr Maduro and Mr Andre Vanier that are public domain is not illegal. In fact, Andre does it all the time on his 300 click bait websites. What about the website? And the twitter he maintains. Andre is the master of manipulation and fakery.


  5. Remember when hams had to know how to solder their coax connectors, dipoles were made from scratch, repeaters were busy with law abiding hams? Now repeater clubs have lost their members and repeaters due to bad management and rules preventing a community based environment that is empathetic in tone and vocal structure.

    I can understand the migration to toolsets like Zello, Skype and the General Radio Service Lower 38.

    What baffles me is the continued lack of understanding by these expert radio aficionados of what is involved in providing and maintaining a repeater system for public use.

    It is not Free.

    P ~^,

    The new laws will allow pot and calling kettles black


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