Andre Vanier charged with Fraud and Embezzlement at RBC.



A former Royal Bank of Canada investment advisor, who was hired by the bank despite a previous run-in with regulators, has been charged with two counts of criminal fraud, according to Toronto police.

Sergeant Ian Kennedy, who worked on the case in the force’s financial crimes unit, said Andre Vanier was arrested on July 13/2017 and charged under the Criminal Code with two counts of fraud over $5,000.

Mr.Vanier allegedly convinced clients of RBC to move some $200,000 into a “pooled fund” in order to invest in various retail properties across Ontario. But, it is alleged, “the pooled fund did not exist and that the monies were deposited into an account owned solely by Mr.Vanier and fraudulently diverted,” Sgt. Kennedy said.

The allegations have not been proven in court.



One thought on “Andre Vanier charged with Fraud and Embezzlement at RBC.

  1. Andre ripped off the Grenadian Community as well for some ponzi scheme. He may have funded this with his RBC scam as well. He switched the money across multiple accounts.

    He is also is busy doing some kind of data entry and medical records activity as a business. I am sure fraud is involved as several of his clients are under investigation for fraudulent billings. Sounds very Mothership to me.

    That is why he cannot travel outside of Canada. He has been denied entry many times due to the CPIC check being multiple pages.

    Good Work on the investigative Journalism blogger

    Now if the Bitcoin money laundering, selling TPS radios that are unencrypted to criminals, and aiding and abetting a minor charges stick then Orange is the New Black for Mr. Andre Vanier

    A royal pain in the arse but his is lawyer making $$$ off him


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