Andre is attacking and Bullying young Ham operators.,online_chips:ve3wzw&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjb0OCZs9LcAhUJrFQKHaJ-Bb8Q4lYIKCgA&biw=1920&bih=933&dpr=1




Andre is now attacking and Bullying young ham operators. Why would a 50 year old man write negative comments on his blogs about young hams ?





Is there a age limit for the meet up ?


Olivier Theatre Awards 2015 - Auditorium - 12 Apr 2015










18 thoughts on “Andre is attacking and Bullying young Ham operators.

  1. It appears Mr. VA3AGV fits right in with the trash! How else would he know what is happening on TWR!

    Heard he is a registered xxxxx xxxxxxxx. Must be why he is trolling 22 years old boys, hide your kids from that low life scumbag!


  2. Victims need to contact their local police and Andre’s Police district with a harassment complaint to put a stop to this before getting violent. Andre is delusional and needs to be enrolled in a mental hospital for public safety. He has guns and ammo and is fascinated with knives.


  3. Oh Andre really… trash repeater? Have you not learned anything? It seems all that be kind to others talk on the Sunday DMR nets was all hot air. Be kind to others right?

    Not sure who the 22year old is you are referring to… could be just about anybody in the hobby.
    Maybe you can learn to write proper sentences as well because your tweet looks like it was written by a 2 year old. I was going to say 5 but I know 5 year olds can write better sentences that that one.

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  4. So Andre is going after young hams! He cannot pick on someone his own size. He has to hide behind a VPN or radio mike. Feel sorry for Brandon.
    Andre likes young meat!


  5. I split my pants open by laughing so hard listening to Andre tapes that he wants to “TAP with KY Jelly”. This kind of explains it all. Some guy says he going to TAP Andre and he bursts in that he will be the one doing theTAP. I looked up what this CB slang means and OMG it is so Bowmanville BRA. I suppose BRA is Gay Bro for the Mother ship. BTW he is on Grindr as well. Multiple Grindr identities keeps him not just Tapping away on his keyboard updating his scumbag blogs (stealing content and putting his callsigns all over it) but also very busy with meet ups keeping busy at the stalls at Timmy’s. Multiple call signs = Multiple personalities.


  6. Honestly, I feel bad for Mr. Andre Vanier. He was a God in the DMR world even though many users had lower DMR IDs than he did. Andre was MOTOROLA before there was a Motorola and that made him feel important. Soon everyone had a 4550 or a 6550 and he wasn’t special anymore. Then he got into meltdowns with hams and started his jamming antics and people started registering him for Mental Health treatments. Here’s the thing – the bald guy that wrote his ham exams was the same guy who went to the mental health clinic as his surrogate. He really fooled them but his fraud activities within the Grenadian community caught up with him and he will have to do some time. Gold mines in Grenada? Bit coins in Grenada? There is a sucker born every minute and a Andre Con man to steal from you.

    Be careful and do not buy any radios from Andre and ask yourself why is the serial number plate scratched off it?

    Lets sit down Andre for a coffee, cigar and a bottle of tequila like the good old days when you still was delusional but you knew it. Who tapes over their apartment windows? a paranoid ham?


  7. CQ CQ CQ Mothership QRZ from VE3COP broiehfiebfiucaicuihsaoahdoh hold on a sec ok I got VE3WZW, BRA, a AGV , a Sugar Papa and try again the VA3 WZ what? Hey whats going on here I see all these calls go to the same webpage . Bingo I hit the contest multiplier and found the FOX its Andre “Mothership” Vanier OK 5 by 9 Andre you are 30 db over 9 into the Trash Repeater my friend. I will send the 7 QSL cards to you as I am so happy to work the GOD of all Hams, the DMR King, The GTA Alpha Dog, The man with the Black Robe, the Queen of little girls, the clown with the biggest lips and the hairest armpits. The super ham with the advanced license with so many callsigns that he has one for each day of the week. Wait this guy is a real narcissistic who loves to stuff his pie hole with young meat- slurpy slurpy Tim Bits and Oscar Meyers.

    Ok I am now going to walk the dog in the ravines at the Purple Woods Conservation Area for a meet up


  8. When Andre gets caught jamming the CBers on 27.385 LSB Channel 38 they will solve the problem with a 8″ pipe wrench and a 190 pound power supply.

    They know its him with the Reggae music and the high pitched falsetto voice


  9. You use the term ‘man’ very loosely… should be more like ‘why is this 50 year old pussy’ tweeting about 22 year old guy?


  10. So proud that you turn off immediate posting so you can filter comments before anyone sees them. Really high integrity and pride, for sure.


    1. It’s the responsibly of the people that run this website to filter out comments that don’t belong. So yes, all comments are reviewed first. Hope you understand Bruce.


    2. I think this is a no brainer for anyone who runs a blogs and allows comments to prescreen them… its would be pretty irresponsible to leave it wide open.

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  11. Bruce

    If you look at all of Andre’s blogs he does not allow comments to be published at all. The only comments are from himself. I think it is is fair to moderate and right. Odd comment to be concerned about replies. You got a call sign sailor boy?


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