3 thoughts on “Andre, HOUSE ARREST

  1. Thanks to the team for making this happen. Everyone knows about Andres ongoing fraud into the Grenadian community with his stock scam and pyramid schemes. This explains why Andre has been super low profile as he is blowing his meager savings for legal fees. I am not sure sure how he can wear the BRA repeater but I am sure that he will be treat for the bully inmates when he is inside a jail.

    karma karma karma

    Yes his Jamaican yoga girlfriend dropped him after her awareness of his legal problems.

    I feel bad for Mr Vanier but he brought this on himself with his arrogant, narcissistic and “F you attitude and attacks to shut down repeaters

    Needless to say, Industry Canada and CBSA are happy

    Now I hope Revenue Canada catches up with the “cash is gold” “I pay no taxes” nonsense spewing out of the Motherships mouth

    Welcome to Canada Andre as a scumbag you did not follow the rules and you will be deported back to the island you came from


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