P25 Canada




Andre has been using P25 encryption in the Bowmanville area to sell Motorola radios that have no tags. We can assume they are stolen. Buyer beware !





5 thoughts on “P25 Canada

  1. LMAO! Andre you can run but you can’t hide. More copy and paste blogs and taking credit for other people’s experimenting and hard work. You’re such a wanna be fake person.


  2. I know about the new BS blogs P25-canada and VE3SP, but didn’t know there were bullshit nets too – please share times and frequencies! Can hardly wait to hear blog author run a net!


  3. On Twitter is says this… JOIN US :: #P25 – WorldWide P25 Digital Amateur Radio Net – Date Saturday TG#10100 – Time 1:00 UTC – 2018 April – P25 Worldwide

    But in another post seems like he feels the need to take a break and look for other net controllers. Never more than 8 checkins

    Must be hard to run nets from detention centers?


  4. The guy continues to try to be successful on the backs of others. He creates a blog on Fusion and various Fusion radio blogs. He starts a Fusion Emergency Traffic and Training net and then tries to find net controllers worlwide. After a few nets the members find out that Andre the fraud is a bad ham a d a jammer. The nets shut down due to lack of interest and boycotts. He has done this with FM, NXDN, Fusion and now P25. Why not D-Star? Well that mode requires registration just like Facebook and he avoids that. Look the guy is a criminal and his probation prevents him from exiting canadian borders and has been banned stateside. Look at his failed attempts to try to be #1. Who does he talk to on the BRA repeater?


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