Andre ‘s Web Sites and Blogs have Malware.




This is verified information brought to our attention regarding Andre’s Websites and Blogs. We have received information Andre ‘s Web Sites and Blogs have Malware.

Andre’s malware silently infects Windows PCs, Macs and Android devices through his corrupted websites and Blogs.

To date, a Cyber Security analyst has shown us Andre is using Rootkits ,Bot Worms ,Browser Hijacker and a Memory Resident Virus.

We want to caution people when clicking on any of Andre’s sites, you run the risk of harmful Malware. We will keep our readers updated when we receive more information.


Virus Alert




5 thoughts on “Andre ‘s Web Sites and Blogs have Malware.

  1. Andre I know what you look like, I know where you live and I know where you line up for your meds. You cost me $300 for Geek Squad virus removal. I will send an invoice and if not paid I will see you in small claims court. When I knock on your door you best to answer and be a man. if you wish to be the little child that you really are then I will seek legal action. bad ham bad ham bad ham.

    Tim Hortons on Bermonsdy????????????????? avoid at all costs my amigo as i will be waiting patiently


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