Durham Canada Repeater Frequencies Used by Amateur Radio Operator for Criminal Activity.








Andre is using P25 encryption on 443.000 to conduct illegal activity’s. Andre is selling Motorola, Hytera , and Yaesu radios that have no tags, no serial numbers. We can only assume the radios are stolen. Some of the radios are posted on his blogs.

Durham and Toronto Police have been notified. If you have bought a any radio’s from Andre you are encouraged to to contact Detective Miller from the Durham Regional Police Services at 905-579-1520
















8 thoughts on “Durham Canada Repeater Frequencies Used by Amateur Radio Operator for Criminal Activity.

  1. I heard he has stolen TTC security radios and stolen Parking Authority P25 phase 2 radios

    He recalls to tow truck drivers and thugs

    He has broken the encryption

    He needs jail time this crokk


    1. You’ve heard, have you? Care to back up your story with some evidence, or just more random lies, just like Andre?
      He’s got it made. Doing all this stuff and all anyone has is hearsay ‘evidence’ and all they can do is post it on a hate blog. Not a fact in a truckload.
      No, he’s not broken the encryption, he’s just reprogramming radios.


      1. Can you read ???? Mehead ???

        Where does it say Andre broken the encryption. He uses P25 encryption to conduct his illegal work. YA, he’s just reprogramming radios WITH OUT TAGS. I bought a XPR4550 that has no tags and the C/P is password protected. Andre will not give me the password.

        You sound like another happy customer of Andre’s work.


  2. “Mehead”, huh? Sorry, google turns up nothing. If you look at the post above, IS RSO has written “He has broken the encryption”. That’s where it says he’s broken the encryption – even the exact same words to make it easy to find. Perhaps your literacy doesn’t include much reading either? No wonder he’s not scared to do his shit – no-one can rub enough words together to write a letter to an authority that they’d take seriously.

    The fact that you “bought a radio from Andre” suggests that literacy isn’t your biggest challenge in life. Maybe stop buying radios from him, eh? Or take some responsibility for yourself and learn how to wipe the radio and program it yourself. (hint: Google). The fact that you support him by buying his radios after years of evidence pointing to that being a bad idea really tells the whole story. “caveat emptor”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/There%27s_a_sucker_born_every_minute


    1. When it became known that the codeplug password was being sent in the clear and could be snooped with WireShark, Motorola closed that hole.


  3. If you understood computers, programming and Github, you’d figure it out really quick. There are numerous ways to solve the problem of codeplug protection. If you are stuck, I know a guy LoLoLoL. Nothing like knowing what you are doing when you own a radio! Next time I hope you know what you are doing when you buy another one, or just don’t.


    1. Gord, since you’re a technophile when it comes to computers with your encyclopedic ability and you also seemed to be another radio aficionado , perhaps you could share and dispenses your ‘wisdom’ with other Hams on how to over write a password protected C/P.


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