Andre’s illegal Repeater in Bowmanville A Fictional repeater ?





Andre is running an illegal multi mode repeater in Bowmanville. P25, DMR and Fusion.

The frequency pair Andre is using is not approved by WNYSORC .

We have contacted The North Shore Amateur Radio Club.







We have contacted  The North Shore Amateur Radio Club to inform them their WYNSORC frequencies are being illegally used by Andre Vanier.











14 thoughts on “Andre’s illegal Repeater in Bowmanville A Fictional repeater ?

  1. Try the Purple Woods Conservation Area. A bald middle aged creepy looking dude has frequented this area many times and has Been heard “tweeting” that its a good start to the search for the brassiere

    Look for the Mazda with the Mothership stickers and the bad smell

    Bowmanville is a great place to have a fresh start. – chunk chunk

    DSD is great software to monitor digital modes


  2. Industry Canada has already been informed by Andre Vanier VE3WZW about nefarious jamming activity against the VE3BRA repeater article

    He is the reason of 7 repeater shut down in the GTA and now has the entitlement to call the authorities?

    This is the sign of delusional grandeur and a real messed up mentally ill spectrum Radio aficonando that has been allowed to run amok

    Let’s continue the barrage and ongoing Jamming of the input and output channels of this repeater to ensure it gets shut down by the mother ship lovers at North Shore

    How Andre scammed money from the club for the repeater is worthy of a RAC article

    Andre you are a lying , cheating scumbag!!!


    1. You know it’s “delusions of grandeur”, not what you typed, right?
      You are asking that we behave just as he does in retaliation? Jam a repeater until the trustees shut it down? You are a different kind of scumbag, but still one.


      1. Obviously you’re not a victim of Andre’s Bullying tactics on any of his blogs. You are lucky. Until your family and work place are targets of Andre’s retaliation , you can hide in your corner and judge others.
        You my friend are nothing more then a uneducated critic.


  3. I am sure ME is a passenger on the Mothership for his silly comments.

    Andre gets to shut down GTA repeaters because of his jamming antics and I am a scumbag?

    No, I am paying Andre back for the money I lost on DMR radios due to no repeaters to use. Andre created several hotspot blogs and suggested I buy a Openspot for $400

    What makes Andre such a good ham? Worthy of your support and admiration

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  4. “An eye for an eye” is a pretty outdated and lowbrow way to retaliate. It comes down to being smarter than your adversary so you can outwit him with new tricks, but it seems that’s not the case here. He already knows the games you’re going to play, so good luck with that. Amazing how he can still manipulate those who think they are going to get back at him, just as you propose to do – carry on his legacy of targeted hate behaviour. His life is a waste, so he’s going to waste the lives of as many suckers as he can. I do appreciate everyone keeping him busy with this so the rest of us can enjoy our lives.


  5. An eye for an eye is exactly what is needed here comrade!

    Where is Andre now?
    Have you heard him lately?

    He has been embarrassed WORLD WIDE!

    Hats off to the maintainers of this blog 🙂


  6. Andre Vanier the Bad Ham from Scarberia was in at Radioworld. Thanks to the photos on this blog he was identified immediately. What a scumbag! 9 hams were looking for him at Milton Hamfest. He was not found but they never checked the bathroom stalls. The scumbag was in there!


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