Andre is hiding from the Ham Community.

Camouflage Dog Mess Crusader

For the past several weeks Andre has been in hiding. We have been told a few Hams found him in a Tim Horton’s in Scarborough back in May and had a serious discussion with him.

Since that encounter, Andre has gone into hiding. Special thanks for the information and to the Hams that caught up with him, explains why we haven’t heard the Bully on any local repeaters.



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3 thoughts on “Andre is hiding from the Ham Community.

  1. Mr. Andre aka VE3WZW has been a “Ham behaving Badly” for over 3 years. His toxic abuse and nefarious activities has brought a low point to many hams in the community with the discontinuation of various repeaters. The ongoing RF attacks and attempts of Denial of Service against VE3TWR is worthy of a Radio Amateurs of Canada article. The GTA ham community has continued to be vigilant and steadfast against him. Andre was well repected in the bizarro world of DMR but that all was shattered to pieces when he went “Blogger” crazy and look how it backfired on him?

    I was looking into having a proper and health practioner managed “Intervention” with assistance of the authorities when his “threats” escalated to where targetted hams no longer felt safe on or off the air. However, his recent interactions with the police and RCMP have kept him busy. Who would have known that a police impersonation charge would uncover various securities and wireline fraudulent activities pending further charges.

    The King of Scam Radio, The Prince of Hamair, The Sherrif holds court at the Tim Hortons off of Bermondsy daily, we all know what he looks like now so go up and shake his hand, buy him a coffee and bring him a can of chick peas for his dinner.

    Ignore the tapes of Andre pretending to be Batman – He is no Caped Crusader – he is just a little delusional, narcissistic child playing clown behind his Motorola desk microphone.

    With his cast of “Hams As Losers” they may have caused various repeaters to be disconnected but I can assure your the sand bags are around “The Tower” and we are safe.


  2. A lesson in success is hard work based on honesty and good will. Andre Vanier is anything but that. Look at his numerous personal webpages for his numerous federally issued callsigns for more signs of delusional behaviour. This “Ham Behaving Badly” touts numerous accomplishments that are really FAKE NEWS and compete LIES, LIES and more LIES.

    As a practioner of ham radio and the spouse of a ham, I can say that Andre is a BULLY, A LIAR , A CROOK and partakes in self induced delusional imagery behind his microphone. In person he exhibits the behaviour of a 3 year old child.

    A successful radio spectrum operator is married, has children, owns a house and a car, and is honest and gives back to his community. He is a respected member of a radio club and has earned certificates of hard work not certificates of participation. Andre is anything but that. It is obvious he attacks hams smarter and more successful than him out of extreme jealousy.

    I have asked my wonderful husband to share all of Andre’s meltdown audio files and I laughed so hard listening to this crazy, stupid clown that I pissed into my Depends twice. I now have a folder on my iPod called – Andre Delusional Antics

    Andre , I am knitting a clown hat for you to wear when it gets cold.

    Good hams have hair, bad hams do not



  3. How many callsigns does a Bad Ham need? Why?

    Please educate us

    VA3AGV Andre Vanier
    VA3IER Andre Vanier
    VA3WZW Andre Vanier
    VA3YYZ Andre Vanier
    VE3BRA Andre Vanier
    VE3SP Andre Vanier
    VE3WZW Andre Vanier

    Andre, Please enlighten us on the acquisition on VA3YYZ?

    This is a sign of extreme Delusional Grandeur and basic stupidity

    You shut the VE3YYZ repeater down and you are trying to steal the domains.

    Remember when you showed up at Eric’s funeral and they asked you to leave???


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