The Yagi That Stopped Andre


Remember the day’s Andre would argue with everyone on TWR and YYZ. Andre was able to key up over everyone that he Bullied not allowing them to defend themselves with his 6 element beam pointed at the CN tower. Andre would soon realized someone had a stronger signal and he could no longer Bully Hams.

Frustrated, Andre put up a 10 element beam pointed at the CN tower with hopes of regaining his ability to walk hams and continue to Bully. Soon Andre realized his 10 element was a waste of time.

Special thanks to VA3HBO for his efforts in preventing Andre from jamming in the future.

Beam CN.jpgxx

Below are Andre’s 2 Yagi’s used to jam local repeaters.




15 thoughts on “The Yagi That Stopped Andre

  1. Andre’s Yagi has been directed to York Region and caused the YRC club to shut down all 3 repeaters for several days due to his jamming. Andre has targeted this club as it is the largest club in the GTA. Andre HATES anything more successful than his pathetic life.


  2. Sorry, I have not been on the TWR repeater lately but here is a quick update: 1) Andres dad passed away on June 13 . He was 76 – Michael Vanier. Sorry Andre for your loss. 2) SteelTown Tailgaters was a great social and hamfest yesterday. As many know Andre caused the VE3UHM DMR to be shut down permanently by jamming by him and Rodney. Thanks to this blog, Andre was spotted in his Mazda in the parking lot wearing a BlueJays hat walking towards the venue and Someone who is a DMR guy yelled out “Hey Andre wassup dude I want to talk to you”, Andre turned around and ran back to his car and took off, a fat guy was in the passenger seat but not identifiable. This someone had mentioned to several attendees sotto voce as to what happened. Thankfully Andre left quickly as these attedees were very much interested in having a coffee with Andre over his nefarious and malicious activity. Naturally with the heavy P25 usage in the area and recent jamming it appears his new yagi providing a reach to steeltown. I feel sad for Andre but he has chosen this path of self destruction. The links have been given to the Milton Hamfest committee to be vigilant to ensure a safe upcoming hamfest for all attendees and vendors as he is threats have escalated to a amber level.


  3. Fitzroy, can you explain the threats escalating to an Mber level? As many know Andre has made threats that have criminal intent to all those that appeR on the VE3TWR blog and twitter feed he owns and maintains. The RCMP is investigating Andre’s hate crime, cyber bullying and international wireline activities which is common knowledge in the GTA ham community and in the Netherlands where he is hosting his web servers. Others know through law enforcement that he has fraud charges relating to taking deposits on several apartment units that lists for rent but he does not own. Always the same story with the interaction taking place at a nearby Tim Horton’s. Thank fully in-store video footage is being used for evidence. It is hoped this time that jail time be served.


  4. The Toronto FM Society has been under jamming attacks and domain and twitter name thefts for over 3 years by Andre. Please help support our club so we can invest in radio direction finding equipment to catch these “bad hams”. Our goal is to raise over $5,000 and every contribution will help.


  5. The Mothership is parked at Tim Hortons while he resolves his legal issues with current criminal charges. I was told the donation of a Motorola DMR radio to the Ontario Science Center was comple bullshit.

    He also never gave the TFM Society the Fusion repeater.

    Stay off the air and away from hamfests Buddy or you will get “tapped” like a sissy

    I think the Andre likes to tap with KY jelly as many Bully dogs like to be the dominant one to make up for the fact they got abused behind the rink as a youngster.


  6. As for the above comment, i know you are directing your sick intentions at me. So i would highly recommend that you re think your cowardly accusations and meet me to my face and get to know me before you assume that 1. I am a bully and 2. That you think i have been sexually abused (not funny.) You know where to find me and or get my phone number as it is on the net. VE3OHF


    1. Steve, can you be more transparent in your post. Please quote where in this blog you are a target and how ” i know you are directing your sick intentions at me”


  7. Paul it is obvious that i am directing my comments at andre as he is using a tag as “coach” All that know me know i coach hockey and have dogs. it is obvious that those comments were targeted at me so as i said before anyone out here knows how to contact me if they wish to speak to me directly. if not, then i suggest reading the ‘coach’ reply again and understand that i don’t need idiots throwing shit in my direction. In particular cowards. VE3OHF


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