June 15/2018. Andre Jamming TWR



Andre VE3WZW has been playing music all week on TWR that has racial content. 

He has been jamming for hours at a time. It was easy to track down the signal to his home location. 

Why don’t they shut down the repeater when this is goings on all day.



2 thoughts on “June 15/2018. Andre Jamming TWR

  1. The repeater custodian is Paul VE3KU/VE3GPB (yes multiple callsigns) and he controls the repeater on/off codes

    I am not sure why the refusal to shut the repeater down when malicious racism is being promoted

    TFM should not be the vehicle to propogate and promote hate as a broadcast mechanism

    However, this is normal for the club – members are 99% middle class white

    They enablers to Andre’s garbage messages over the repeater


  2. Ya I noticed when VE3IPS is trying to have a QSO there seems to be some hatred towards him, I even heard KU key over John while he was talking to BLL. Isn’t that jamming? Seems to be some weird double standard going on here. Racial rap music all night Friday night and nothing done. What’s with that KU?


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