Bowmanville Amateur Radio Club

UntitledBowanvilleBowmanville Amateur Radio Club




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4 thoughts on “Bowmanville Amateur Radio Club

  1. How does the president of a Ham Club take it on himself to harass hams and cause repeaters to be shut down? Why does he have beams pointed towards people he hates? to jam them? Thanks for publishing his photo so we can avoid this clown or invite him to a coffee at the next hamfest. Look how sheepish this guy looks with his bald head, stupid grin saying “I am not a jammer I am the President of a Club ” – a club that is fake from what I heard at the Pickering Hamfest.

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  2. Members of the North Pickering Club confirmed that Andre is a liar. There is no Club. Its all fake news and lie lies lies. Andre again has proven to be a fraud


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