Welcome to our new website.


Welcome to our new website. We hope you enjoy the new design and encourage you to leave your comments.

All comment can be made without logging into any email address, simply put a name ,leave a comment and click ” POST COMMENT ”

Our web designers will post new and interesting posts. If you have any info you want posted, just email it to dmrxpr@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “Welcome to our new website.

  1. There is a new yagi on the Mothership balcony. It’s not aimed downtown, but rather seems to be pointed due south, looks like towards HBO’s QTH. I guess the way you jam someone nowadays is to point your RF at their transmitting antenna, instead of the repeater receiver. Who knew?
    Oh yeah, people who earned a real radio license, or at least Googled the info, that’s who.

    Talking ignorantly is one thing, actually doing ignorant things is another. Stupid is when you don’t have any insight into your own ignorance.

    Also being summer, the balcony door is usually cracked open to let the snake have some fresh air (I suppose also his pet, which coincidentally is also a snake). Be sure to honk some CW on your horn as you go by!

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  2. I am the landlord for Andres apartment and yes we have a bed bug and cock roach problem. Andre is violating rules and we have served him papers to remove his antennas as they are a violation. We are checking on the snake issue as Pythons are illegal. I do not understand the radio jamming stuff but he has had several visitors looking for him and people have complained about their wifi not working due to the radios he uses. I understand he works for Motorola as he tells that to his neighbors when they ask about his activities. Andre also appears to have numerous police charges against him but so far he pays his rent usually on time, doesn’t venture out much, recycles religiously (he eats a lot of chick peas and kale) and he is a loner that keeps to himself. The screaming and delusional rants at 2am has stopped once the police dropped by regarding noise complaints. He is a troubled person and is taking full advantage of his mental health adjustments and concessions offered by the building owners. We do take a few individuals as opposed to having them in shelters and part of goodwill gesture to the community. Please be respectful of Andre as he is troubled, depressed and can become violent and angry over radio business. I suggest treating him like a radio God and one of the chosen ones where he is the Alpha Dog and smartest one of the bunch. We all know he is just another stupid CB radio guy pretending to be a cop or a fireman hanging out with his friends trying to sell them bitcoins and fake investments. Please stay away from this guy as we look to evict him for having a python greater than 3m


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