UPDATE: MAY 29/18 “Kerchunking” and “Tones” on TWR continues coming from 3 Swift Dr, Apt 409 North York, ON M4A 2A3. New Pic’s

dsc049581-e1527877505380 (1)Andre is using the 10 element beam to jam TWR.Beams

May 29/2018

As the “Kerchunking” and “Tones” on TWR continues, we have been able to confirm on many occasions that the signal is coming from VE3WZW home location.
We have proof from a team that has tracked down the location to Andre’s address.

3 Swift Dr, Apt 409

North York, ON M4A 2A3


3 Swift Dr, Apt 409

North York, ON M4A 2A3











8 thoughts on “UPDATE: MAY 29/18 “Kerchunking” and “Tones” on TWR continues coming from 3 Swift Dr, Apt 409 North York, ON M4A 2A3. New Pic’s

  1. Andre’s need to get a life go on with what u got left ln your poor life everyone does not likes you or rtt rod your wife fine sum thing better to do with your time then mess shit up on twr like spend more time with your wife rtt rod can take nice pics of you and show u how much he loves your ass


  2. Andre is not married right now and was divorced twice.

    He has no kids so his blood line has thankfully ended.

    Not sure how his girlfriend puts up with toxicity but I was told he is quite the wonderful maid and she refuses to stay over at his shithole rental. I welcome him cleaning my townhouse 2 times month for $100 each time. He runs a good business model and toilets are spotless when he leaves.


  3. I have parked at the Honda Dealership many times to prove he jammed himself on the Worldwide Noon DMR net. They caught on when he hacked into the associated Zello account. Guess what? He was removed and banished to Bumeister as he plays cat and mouse on Hoseline


  4. Team Andre and his cohorts have been exposed many times with jamming also from 560 Birchmount Rd, Apt 901. Yep John David Borland the NCS for the old DMR Transcanada Net who told many hams to “Go Fxxck Themselves and Fxxck Industry Canada”. It s a funny thing to see the flip flop of the jammers using Zello. The mississauga RTT location is still being investigated but is a data point to consider. I can assure you and please be educated that the jammers are coordinated via Zello and the puppet master Andre continues his games.

    He is not off the air but on the air in a nefarious way.

    Jammer 1 starts from swift then shifts to the west and then to David and they mix it up a bit. Rod was seen at A1 electronics with kerchunking while he sat in his car. He also was seen at the Wallys Breakfast sitting in his car and kerchunking TWR.

    These Advanced hams are hams that are nefarious and enjoy encrypted DMR links back to the Mothership.

    Hamsexy it is not.

    I notice these guys are laying low lately as the Mothership refuels


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