Have your say about the BULLY VE3WZW



This blog is designed for anyone that’s been Attacked and Bullied by Andre VE3WZW, had false allegations posted against them, out right lies made about their character. A place to respond freely and have their say. I hope this helps the 100’s of people Andre has Bullied over the years. We will keep track of all Andre’s stupid posts .Please post and speak up !

3 thoughts on “Have your say about the BULLY VE3WZW

  1. Please note Andre Vanier was fired for theft and physical abuse in the workplace. We could not tolerate his police officer impersonation at the staff Halloween party and abusing the younger employees.

    His packaage included therapy that he chose not to attend and chose to buy a ham license instead.


  2. Nice photo of the dirtbag Borland. Please notice Andre also owns the VE3TWR TWITTER name and is spewing his usual delusional hatered on twitter. Also check out his qrz.com pages under all his callsigns as he portrays his different personalities. After he sold broken Motorolas at the junk in the trunk using a rental car he is hiding as hams find out they were ripped off


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