ANDREGATE The truth behind the tapes.

photoshop“This Web site is in no way affiliated with the Toronto FM Communications Society and make no claims to be part of the Toronto FM Communications Society.”
I decided to dig deep into Andre’s mental state and find out what started his delusional rampage. It all began Monday, November 2, 2015 at the TFMCS Annual General Meeting located at Shops at Don Mills Toronto Ont.
The following information has been verified to be true.
Andre (VA3AGV and multiple call signs ) and Paul  (VE3UBI) attended the annual TFMCS meeting. They were not members at the time and it was unclear as to what their motive was except they had a distinct agenda. They were hoping to vote out Mike Walker (VA3MW) and Paul Briscoe (VE3KU) from the club and vote Andre Vanier in on the board. Andre was caught by Paul Briscoe in recording the event on a tablet and a Gideon WASP 9900 Camera. They were asked to leave the meeting and a heated argument broke out and Andre and Paul left in haste. Andre then started a hate campaign against the two hams and threatened to release the video of the voting and agenda minutes. This is another example of mr paranoid taking videos of club meetings and hamfest events. It was not too long after that Andre was using his drone that his wonderful girlfriend gave him for Christmas. The TFMCS group later amended their rules and regulations forbidding the use of audio and video recording devices at their meetings. Andre then started his harassment campaign against the members of the TFMCS club in an aggressive manner.

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One thought on “ANDREGATE The truth behind the tapes.

  1. Andre cannot scrape up the $20 to be a member of TFM?

    Or did they catch on a surrogate wrote his exams for him?

    How did get his Morse code endorsement?

    2 letter call sign? He has only been a ham for 5 years do that’s fraud in my books.


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